Lift Assist Vertical Bike Rack

A lift assist vertical bike rack, cost effective and space saving.

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A unique, simple and space saving, cycle parking solution. This affordable invention allows anyone to effortlessly hang up any kind of bicycle. The optional pivoting mechanism  also makes it very easy to store bicycles in small, narrow spaces, whilst still being able to walk past them. 

Space-saving. Suitable for any type of bicycle. Light as a feather. Maintenance-free. Pivot-able (optional)

  • Material: Powder coated steel
  • Weight: 10 kilos
  • Length of housing: 775 mm
  • Width of housing: 150 mm
  • Distance from housing to wall: 250 mm
  • Freely pivot able: from 0° to 180° (option)
  • Lifting mechanism drive: avmc and gas spring


Required height

The required height to install is 210 cm (82.7 inches).

Installation of the Wheelylift

Install at a height of 61 cm (24.1 inches) from the ground. If more are being installed next to each other, we would suggest, if possible, to install  at several heights, the height from the ground will then be 61 cm (2.4 inches) and 71 cm (2.8 inches). Support screw-mounted to the wall (mechanical anchorage) not included.

Installation of several 

When several  are being installed at different heights, a space between of 30 – 40 cm (1.2 – 15.8 inches) is required.

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Securing chain optional
Pivoting action optional



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