Pivoting Bike Hanger

The Pivoting wall hanger holds 1 bike,  a semi secure solution for storing your bike on a wall.  A cost effective space saving system.

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Pivoting bike hanger

•Ideal for confined spaces
•Especially useful in alleyways and domestic garages
•Cycle can be folded out of the way against the wall
•Cycle hung from sturdy hook
•Plastic sleeve to protect the rim
•Cycle can be locked via the central anchor point
•Sturdy steel construction, with bright zinc finish
•Comes complete with fixing bolts

The cycle rests in two short troughs with the top trough supporting the cycle with a steel arm with a protective sleeve.  The security loops in the top and bottom holders and in the central anchor, allow for a long security cable/chain to be looped around various part of the cycle and secured in multiple locations, or allows for multiple separate cables to be used to increase the time taken by a potential thief.

Delivery time: typically 10 working days up to quantities of 30. For quantities of 30+ typically 14 working days.

The user must bear the whole weight of the bike when lifting onto the bike wall hanger



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