Secure Bike Hanger

The Secure Bike Hanger holds 1 bike, a semi secure solution for storing your bike on a wall.  A cost effective space saving system.

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Secure Bike Hanger

• Allows cycle to be stored vertically
• Accepts any type of cycle, even ones with mudguards
• Fixed loop to secure cycle frame with D-lock and/or chain
• Supplied with tamper resistant fixings
• Can be used in mass storage situations
• Height can be staggered to make maximum use of space

The security loops in the wheel holder and the central anchor allow for a long D-lock/security cable/chain to be looped around various parts of the cycle and secured in multiple locations, or allows for multiple separate cables to be used to increase the time taken by a potential thief.

Delivery time: typically 10 working days up to quantities of 30. For quantities of 30+ typically 14 working days.

The user must bear the whole weight of the bike when lifting onto the bike wall hanger



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