budget bicycle rack

T-Line Budget Bicycle Rack

An economical medium duty budget bicycle rack.

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Budget bicycle rack

Versions of the budget bicycle rack for 3, 4 or 5 bicycles.

• Zinc plated steel construction.
• Fully assembled budget bicycle rack
• Suitable for bicycles up to tyre width 50mm
• Accessible from both sides
• Great value for money

Fixings included

Frame: Steel
Size: 255mmH x 385mmD x 720W mm (3)
Size: 255mmH x 385mmD x 1,210mmW (4)
Size: 255mmH x 385mmD x 1,320mmW (5)
16mm Ø tube wheel supports.
Finish: Zinc plated
Type: Assembled

Delivery time: typically 1-5 working days up to quantities of 30.



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