Streetpods at five Virgin East Coast Trains Stations

Streetpods at five Virgin East Coast Trains Stations

Streetpods at Virgin East Coast Trains Stations

Virgin Trains East Coast wanted to increase cycle parking spaces at their stations. Virgin chose Streetpods because of the security and space-maximising qualities of the product.
Conservation officers also wanted to ensure any cycle parking would fit with the local environment. Newcastle, Darlington & Durham stations are all listed, so for these the Streetpod was perfect.

The five stations we installed Streetpods at were;

Newcastle – 45 Streetpods = 90 spaces
Darlington – 11 Streetpods = 22 spaces
Durham – 40 Streetpods = 80 spaces plus 2 parking spaces for recumbent or cargo bikes
Retford – 20 Streetpods = 40 spaces
Wakefield Westgate – 10 Streetpods = 20 spaces

Streetpods are ideal cycle parking for railway stations.

Any environment where bikes are being left for long periods of time or even overnight needs secure cycle parking. Stations also tend to have high numbers of cyclists, most stations are even trying to encourage more cycling! As a result of this they need a cycle parking solution that will provide a high number of bike spaces while maximising space.

Streetpods are designed so that they take up 33% less space than traditional Sheffield stands. They are also Sold Secure Silver rated and have achieved Secure by Design accreditation. To achieve Sold Secure & Secure by Design ratings, the Streetpod went through tough independent testing. Consequently, Streetpods are one of the most secure cycle parking solutions on the market!

Graffiti and Vandal Resistant

British Transport Police asked us to undertake additional testing on Streetpods to find out if they were suitably vandal resistant. Because of the MDPE (medium density polyethylene) body of the Streetpod, graffiti can be easily washed off with just fairy liquid and warm water. By setting fire to newspaper packed into the Streetpod, we also proved that the Streetpod is fire resistant!

You can find videos of the graffiti and fire test as well as the security testing on our YouTube channel here –

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